Killer Seven – Scissor Seven – Season 2 Episode 7

Killer Seven – Scissor Seven – Season 2 Episode 7. Recognizing Wu Liuqi’s talent with scissors, his business partner Ji Dabao proposes a new venture: the duo will open a hair salon, which will act as a front for an affordable assassination service. Determined to recover his lost memories, Liuqi is prepared to kill as many targets as it takes in order to raise enough money to travel to the kingdom of Istan for amnesia treatment. Alas, the world of assassins is a dangerous one, and while struggling to complete missions he is caught in the middle of an ongoing power struggle between the technologically-advanced Istani and the chivalrous Chinese martial arts society. Soon enough, it becomes clear that his long-forgotten past is inextricably tied to the fate of the small island he now calls home. - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

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