Carp Reborn (2020)

Yuan Long
Yuan Long
English Title/s:Carp Reborn (2020)
Chinese Title/s:Yuan Long
Alternative Title/s:First Dragon
Air Date:Jul 11, 2020
Synopsis:Special forces operative Wang Sheng was transported into the world of Yuanhun (Origin Spirits). There, he was possessed by a useless spirit: a carp, becoming an infamous trash in the world of Origin Spirits! In this world filled with experts, Wang Sheng used the knowledges he acquires to surmount all difficulties, even finding a way to evolve his useless spirit carp! From a sparrow to a Phoenix, from a carp to a Dragon! In this sinister and vicious world full of disputes, he will make his own path towards success! Legends says that a carp who leaps over the the Dragon’s gate will become a dragon itself. Through effort and courage, even an insignificant carp can defy its own fate and become a legend. (Source: Chinese Publisher, translated)
Studio/s:CG Year
Opening Theme:
Ending Theme:
Producer/s:bilibili, Zhangyue Pictures
Genre/s:Action, Adventure, Fantasy
No. of Episodes:16
Episode Length:18 minutes
Stream Link/s:
Similar Anime:Soul Land, Battle Through the Heavens

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