Fog Hill of Five Elements (2020)
Fog Hill of Five Elements (2020)
English Title/s: Fog Hill of Five Elements (2020)
Chinese Title/s: Wu Shan Wu Xing: Zhuo Yuan Shen Huo / 雾山五行 灼源神火
Alternative Title/s:
Air Date: Jul 26, 2020 – Aug 9, 2020
Synopsis: A legend tells that a long time ago, monsters could give the ability to master the five elements to certain elected officials. But for that, you have to go through the dangerous foggy mountains… We follow the adventures of one of these elected officials. (Source: Nautiljon)
Studio/s: Samsara Animation Studio
Director/s: Lin Hun
Opening Theme: No fear of the deep ocean by Lin Hun
Ending Theme: The Rhythm of Seasons
Producer/s: Nice Boat Animation
Genre/s: Action, Drama, Fantasy
Source/s: Original
No. of Episodes: 3
Episode Length: 26 minutes
Stream Link/s:

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