Manual of Hundred Demons (2020)
Manual of Hundred Demons (2020)
English Title/s: Manual of Hundred Demons (2020)
Chinese Title/s: Bai Yao Pu
Alternative Title/s: Hundred Demon Spectrum, Fairies Albums
Air Date: Apr 25, 2020 – Jul 4, 2020
Synopsis: We follow the adventures of a mysterious young girl, accompanied by a young monk and a demon doctor. Together, they solve human problems and cure illnesses caused by demons and ghosts.
Studio/s: Haoliners Animation League
Director/s: Dong Yi
Opening Theme: “Shan Nian Qi (善念起)” by Li Yugang (李玉刚)
Ending Theme: “Qian Sheng Yan (千生烟)” by Jun Jun (均均)
Producer/s: bilibili
Genre/s: Adventure, Mystery, Historical, Supernatural, Fantasy
Source/s: Novel
No. of Episodes: 12
Episode Length: 18 minutes
Stream Link/s:
Similar Anime: Mushishi, Natsume’s Book of Friends, Mononoke

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