White Cat Legend (2020)
White Cat Legend (2020)
English Title/s: White Cat Legend (2020)
Chinese Title/s: Dali Si Rizhi / 大理寺日志
Alternative Title/s: The Journal of Dali Court
Air Date: Apr 10, 2020 – Jul 3, 2020
Synopsis: We follow the daily life of Chen Shi, a young man looking for his brother. In order to find him, he goes to the Dali Court. One thing leads to another and he eventually becomes an officer working under Li Bing, a senior official with the appearance of a white cat.
Studio/s: Nice Boat Animation
Director/s: Jiajia Huai
Opening Theme:
Ending Theme:
Genre/s: Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Source/s: Manhua
No. of Episodes: 12
Episode Length: 18 minutes
Stream Link/s: https://www.bilibili.com/bangumi/media/md28227527
Similar Anime: Fog Hill of Five Elements

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