Min Diao Ju Yi Wen Lu
Min Diao Ju Yi Wen Lu
English Title/s: Bureau of Paranormal Investigation (2020)
Chinese Title/s: Min Diao Ju Yi Wen Lu / 民调局异闻录
Alternative Title/s:
Air Date: Aug 7, 2020 – Oct 16, 2020
Synopsis: In the task of catching drug lords in the Yunnan border, a special forces team accidentally enters the ancient caves of the ancient Shu, and intruded on ancient rituals. The squad was almost completely annihilated. Only Shen Shuang and the anti-drug police Sun Desheng survived, as they were rescued by a mysterious white-haired man named Wu Hao. After this incident, the two men accidentally entered the “Civil Affairs Investigation and Research Bureau” and gradually became entangled in more supernatural events, revealing the veil of another world.
Opening Theme:
Ending Theme:
Genre/s: Action, Supernatural, Thriller, Military
Source/s: Novel
No. of Episodes: 12
Episode Length:
Stream Link/s: https://v.qq.com/detail/m/mzc002009s5ivn8.html
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