da hufa
da hufa
English Title/s: Da Hufa (2017)
Chinese Title/s:
Alternative Title/s: Da Hufa: Hei Huangsheng, The Guardian
Air Date: Jul 13, 2017
Synopsis: A warrior named Da Hufa goes to save his prince from a dystopian village. He finds the dystopian village ruled by a fake God and his guards. In order to save the prince, Da hufa has to defeat the God and his men and discloses the whole conspiracy. (Source: IMBD)
Studio/s: Coloroom Pictures, Nice Boat Animation
Opening Theme:
Ending Theme:
Producer/s: Enlight Pictures
Genre/s: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Source/s: Original
No. of Episodes:
Episode Length:
Stream Link/s: https://v.qq.com/x/cover/4ry9ww0ksm70jze.html
Similar Anime: Mr. Miao, Big Fish & Begonia

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