I’m Joybo – Find Another Me (2017)

Im Joybo
Im Joybo
English Title/s:I’m Joybo – Find Another Me (2017)
Chinese Title/s:Wo Shi Jiang Xiaobai: Shijie Shang de Lingyi Ge Wo
Alternative Title/s:
Air Date:Nov 9, 2017 – Jan 24, 2018
Synopsis:Jiang Xiaobai starts his first ever job as an editor. His new work partner, writer Tong Li, however, continually gives him a hard time. Then one day, he learns that Tong Li is a long-lost friend from his childhood. Gradually, their past is revealed.
Studio/s:2:10 Animation
Opening Theme:
Ending Theme:
Genre/s:Drama, Romance, Slice of Life
No. of Episodes:12
Episode Length:22 minutes
Stream Link/s:https://v.qq.com/detail/y/yu59anr8ocbuk1f.html
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