Prince Don’t Do This!
Prince Don’t Do This!
English Title/s: Memories of Chang’ An (2020)
Chinese Title/s: Shi Yi Changan: Mingyue Ji Shi You
Alternative Title/s: Please Prince, Don’t Do This, Wang Ye Buyao a Anime, Prince, Don’t Do This! The Love By Hypnotic, Recollection of Chang An, Memories of Chang An
Air Date: Óct 28, 2020
Synopsis: Princess Ming Yue and Li Qiang, the emperor’s ninth prince, are forced to marry in order to keep the peace in their kingdoms. As the princess finally seems to be getting used to her new life in ChangÁn, there are plots hovering against her and the royal family.
Studio/s: Lingsanwu Animation
Opening Theme:
Ending Theme:
Producer/s: bilibili, Tencent Animation & Comics
Genre/s: Drama, Romance
Source/s: Manhua
No. of Episodes: 12 minutes
Episode Length: 11 minutes
Stream Link/s:
Similar Anime: Psychic Princess, The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife, No Doubt In Us

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