Spicy Girl (2020)

Spicy Girl (2020)
Spicy Girl (2020)
English Title/s:Spicy Girl (2020)
Chinese Title/s:Mala Nüpei
Alternative Title/s:I’m Not an Evil Antagonist Actress
Air Date:Apr. 7, 2020 – Jul. 18, 2020
Synopsis:Since her childhood, Su Xiao has been sidelined because of her frightening aura. Now an actress, she unfortunately remains stuck in the roles of villains. One day, Xiao Jian, a well-known investor and actor, comes across a scene between Su Xiao and his manager. In order to silence him, Su Xiao signs a contract with him. (Source: Nautiljon, edited)
Director/s:Konosuke Uda
Opening Theme: 
Ending Theme: 
Genre/s:Comedy, Romance
No. of Episodes:32
Episode Length:10 minutes
Stream Link/s:https://v.qq.com/detail/h/hdhl8qmlph3nljp.html


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