Martial Universe (Wu Dong Qian Kun) Season 3 Announced

At the end of Martial Universe Season 2, a short teaser has been shown featuring what fans should expect as the story progress. It only means that Martial Universe Season 3 is officially coming albeit no release date yet has been unveiled.

Martial Universe
Martial Universe

Fans can expect that it will start where the 2nd season had stopped, thus, there will be more scenes between Lin Dong and Ling Qinzhu, as well as Lin Langtian (the main antagonist).

Martial Universe donghua is based on a novel series of the same title by author Heavenly Silkworm Potato who also wrote other xianxia novels such as Battle Through The Heavens, and The Great Ruler. All three of his works had been adapted into Chinese animation of the same title, the first one being Battle Through The Heavens which already have 3 seasons, and an upcoming 4th season. Followed by Martial Universe with 2 seasons, and The Great Ruler also known as The Grand Lord.

Martial Universe Synopsis

A mysterious seal introduces male protagonist Lin Dong to the art of cultivation, and he travels across the lands in order to hone his skills. He meets two vastly different women in Ling Qingzhu and Ying Huanhuan on his adventures, and gets romantically entangled with both. Through sheer grit and determination, Lin Dong eventually becomes one of the most powerful and respected cultivators. As Lin Dong’s powers increase, so does his knowledge of the world’s deadliest secrets. He soon discovers the demon sect’s plot to take over the world, and the three youths join forces with the righteous martial artists to defeat all evil and return peace to the land. (Source: Webnovel)

You can watch its first season in the following:

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