Vertical World (2019)

Vertical World
Vertical World
English Title/s:Vertical World (2019)
Chinese Title/s:Chuizhi Shijie: Dizhonghai Mei Shaonian
Alternative Title/s:Mediterranean beauty in a vertical world
Air Date:Jul. 18, 2019 – Aug. 27, 2019
Synopsis:Mediterranean Beautiful Youth is a new idol group composed of five brothers.The five are mainly characterized by their handsome appearance and non-existent hairline. They claim to be quintuplets, although everyone has different causes of baldness. (Source: bilibili, translated, edited)
Studio/s:Haoliners Animation League
Opening Theme: 
Ending Theme: 
Genre/s:Idol, Comedy, Fantasy
No. of Episodes:12
Episode Length:4 minutes
Stream Link/s:
Similar Anime:Music Up


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