The Country of Rare Treasure (2021)

The Country of Rare Treasure
The Country of Rare Treasure
English Title/s:The Country of Rare Treasure (2021)
Chinese Title/s:Mi Bao Zhi Guo
Alternative Title/s:
Release Date:April 16, 2021
Synopsis:In the multiverse called the data world, everything corresponding to the real world is stored. Within it, the data from relics of human culture gained self-awareness, and a secret group of spirits established an alliance: The Country of Rare Treasure.
The restorers, while investigating their own origins, lead the secret spirits against the forgotten viruses that will devour everything.
Studio/s:2:10 Animation
Opening Theme:
Ending Theme:
Genre/s:Action, Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi
No. of Episodes:
Episode Length:
Stream Link/s:
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