Celestial Squad Assemble! God Troubles Me Season 4 Is Almost Here!

Remember that office worker extraordinaire turned accidental immortal-demon hybrid, Su Moting? Remember the stoic cat demon Xing Dikui and the mischievous celestial being Xing Tianji? If you’re shouting “Hell yeah!” at your screen right now, then join me in a joyful dance because God Troubles Me Season 4 is about to rock our celestial socks off!

God Troubles Me Season 4 poster

Let’s rewind for a sec. God Troubles Me, our comedic donghua darling, has had us in stitches since it first landed on Bilibili. We’ve watched Su Moting navigate the chaotic intersection of gods, demons, and mortal mishaps, all while learning the ropes of her “unusual” family heritage. Xing Dikui’s stoicism battling Xing Tianji’s chaos? Gourmet feasts interrupted by inter-dimensional threats? Sign me up, every time!

God Troubles Me Season 4 Release Date

But season 3 left us hanging on a cliffhanger that could make a celestial crane dizzy. Now, the universe demands answers, and thankfully, it seems we won’t have to wait much longer. Brace yourselves, mortals and immortals alike, because God Troubles Me Season 4 graces our screens on March 10, 2024! Mark your calendars, dust off your Celestial Squad fan merch, and get ready for another round of hilarity, heart-tugging moments, and maybe even a sprinkle of existential dread (it wouldn’t be God Troubles Me without a healthy dose of chaos, right?).

God Troubles Me Season 4 image still

Speaking of chaos, not much is officially revealed about the plot yet. But rumors swirl around the internet like mischievous cloud wisps, hinting at deeper dives into Mo-Mo’s celestial lineage, unexpected alliances, and maybe even a trip to the Underworld (Xing Dikui’s been training for this, right?). One thing’s for sure, with the production team back at the helm, we can expect the same vibrant animation, quirky humor, and endearingly flawed characters that make God Troubles Me such a joy to watch.

So, fellow Celestial Squad members, let’s count down the days until March 10th for God Troubles Me Season 4’s release. Re-watch your favorite episodes, dust off your theories, and prepare to be reunited with our favorite celestial trio. Because when it comes to God Troubles Me, one thing’s certain: the universe might be messy, but life with Mo-Mo, Xing Dikui, and Xing Tianji is never dull. And wouldn’t have it any other way!

Remember, the cosmos awaits, and God Troubles Me Season 4 is the celestial party we’ve all been waiting for. See you there, fellow disciples of chaos! If you wish to re-watch the series, it’s available on Bilibili, YouTube, as well as on Netflix (it is among the few selected donghua that were released on the platform).

P.S. Don’t forget to spread the word! Use the hashtag #GodTroublesMeSeason4 and let everyone know the Celestial Squad is ready to rumble (or, you know, cause some hilarious cosmic hiccups) once again.

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