Tian Mei De Yao Hen
Tian Mei De Yao Hen


English Title/s: Sweet Bite Marks
Chinese Title/s: Tian Mei De Yao Hen (2021)
Alternative Title/s: Tianmei de Yaohen
Air Date: Not Yet Released
Synopsis: Catch me if you can, this is a game about imprisonment and possession, a love of blood which makes you bewitched. The struggles, touching moments, fear and love in this story are bewitching. A noble vampire prince falls for a menial blood servant… from refusal to acceptance, she begins to worry about him and solve problems for him. However, there are gaps of status, classes and hatred between them, in this confrontation between vampires and humans, will they finally break the rule and be together?
Opening Theme:
Ending Theme:
Producer/s: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Kuaikan Manhua
Genre/s: Drama, Romance, Supernatural, Action, Fantasy
Source/s: Manhua
No. of Episodes:
Episode Length:
Stream Link/s: https://v.qq.com/detail/m/mzc00200mpm1zte.html
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