Character Posters for No Doubt In Us Chinese Anime Adaptation Unveiled

The character posters for No Doubt In Us had been posted one by one on the official Weibo account of the donghua adaptation of the popular romance manhua. It gives the fans the beautiful designs of the characters that we will follow in the story of the upcoming gender-switching anime.

Character Posters for No Doubt In Us

Here are the character posters that we had so far from the Weibo account of No Doubt In Us. It features several characters that will appear in the donghua adaptation from the manhua.

No Doubt In Us Overview

The upcoming Chinese anime No Doubt In Us or Liang Bu Yi is an amusing romance-comedy story of an Emperor and his Queen who by accident, switched their bodies. Now, each of them must face the daily struggles of one another, and to make things worst, their relationship is not that good, to begin with. The emperor as the queen had to deal with his imperial harem, and the queen in the persona of the emperor had to go to war and deal with running the nation.


The donghua is animated by Paper Plane Animation Studio and was one of bilibili’s Chinese anime lineup for 2021. No Doubt in Us is originally listed as part of the 2020 lineup after its announcement in 2019 and was scheduled for release in October last year, but that was rescheduled for April 21, 2021.

No Doubt In Us will be joining the rank of other historical Chinese romance donghua such as Psychic Princess, The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife, and The Memory of Changán.

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