The Memory of Chang’an Donghua Adaptation Reached 1 Million Followers on Bilibili

The popular Chinese anime Shi Yi Chang’an: Mingyue Ji Shi You or also known as The Memory of Chang’an and The Recollection of Chang’an had reached a new milestone as its official page on bilibili had accumulated over 1 million followers.

This milestone has been achieved a few days before the release of The Memory of Chang’an Season 2 which is scheduled to air on April 15, 2021. Its official Weibo account also unveiled a celebratory key visual for this moment as shown below.

The Memory of Chang an 1 million followers

Aside from the image above, a character visual for Yun Ci and Shu Wang was unveiled, they are the new characters that are about to be introduced in The Memory of Chang’an Season 2 which will premiere on April 15 and will be stream on bilibili and MangoTV.



The Memory of Chang an Yun Ci Shu Wang
The Memory of Chang an Season 2 Characters: Yun Ci and Shu Wang


The Memory of Chang’an is based on a popular manhua Wang Ye Buyao A or Shi Yi Chang’an: Wangye by author Dongman Tang. The donghua was first released on October 28, 2020 and run for a total of 12 episodes until January 6, 2021. It is animated by Studio9 and Lingsanwu Animation Studio and produced by bilibili, MangoTV, and Tencent Comics and Animation.


The Memory of Chang’an Synopsis

Princess Mingyue and Li Qiang, the emperor’s ninth prince, are forced to marry in order to keep the peace in their kingdoms. As the princess finally seems to be getting used to her new life in Chang’an (an ancient Chinese capital), plots are hovering against her and the royal family.


If you wish to watch The Memory of Chang’an and get further details, you can check it at the following links:





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