Donghua News: Dinghai Fusheng Records Anime to Premiere on July 15

For many BL fans out there, the upcoming Dinghai Fusheng Records animated adaptation is a must-watch this year. The series was previously announced as part of bilibili’s Chinese anime lineup for 2021 and was scheduled for release on July 15 and animated by Shanghai Foch Film Culture Investment.

The series was a prequel to the popular Chinese boys-love anime Tianbao Fuyao Lu (Legend of Exorcism) which was released by bilibili last year and currently releasing its 2nd season as part of the spring 2021 donghua simulcast.

Dinghai Fusheng Records (Chinese title: Dinghai Fusheng Lu) had been titled by bilibili as Epic of Divinity Light. The story took place 500 years before the event that took place from the Legend of Exorcism. Thus, there’s no direct reference between the two series, other than the fact that both stories took place in the same world yet different timeline, same setting, and both are danmei (boys-love) in nature.

Dinghai Fusheng Records anime

The upcoming donghua is based on a danmei BL novel Dinghai Fusheng Lu which was published in 2019 with 138 chapters in total. The novel was also adapted to manhua and audio drama, before donghua adaptation. Dinghai Fusheng Records is the first in the timeline of the Exorcist series by author Fei Tian Ye Xiang, who also wrote other popular novels such as Let Go of That Shou, Post Training Notice: National First-Class Registered Exorcist, The Star Knight, Twin Jades of Jiangdong, and Joyful Reunion to name a few.


Thousands of years ago, the land of China was filled with the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and those who could exorcise this energy for their own use were exorcists, whose mission was to stop the once-in-a-millennium heavenly demons from plaguing the world. However, during the Han dynasty, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth disappeared overnight, which was known as the “silence of all laws”. In order to stop the conspiracy, Chen Xing, the last great exorcist in the world, took the treasure “Heart Lantern”, which had been deposited in his soul, and set out for Xiangyang to find the Dharma Guardian, the god of war, who was destined to work with him to exorcise the demons. (Source: bilibili, translated)

Fans can watch Dinghai Fusheng Records anime upon its release in the following official outlets as follows:

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