Ancient Girl’s-Frame (Dou Shen Ji) to premiere on October 11

One of bilibili’s Chinese anime lineup for 2021 that they has previously unveiled last year is joining the exciting season this October along with the highly anticipated Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire and The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 2, I am talking about Ancient Girl’s-Frame, or also known as Dou Shen Ji. So, let’s take a look at this upcoming mecha donghua which features some adorable girls in action which actually reminds me of Azur Lane, and Assault Lily: Bouquet.

Ancient Girl's-Frame (Dou Shen Ji)

Dou Shen Ji PV

On October 4, bilibili has unveiled a new key visual and promotional video for the donghua which unveiled its scheduled release on October 11, 2021 at 11:00 AM timeslot. The new PV gives a glimpse at its world-setting, the girls in action, and some drama that fans can expect from the series.

The upcoming donghua is an original story from its producers bilibili and YOUKU with Seven Stone Entertainment as the animating studio. Dou Shen Ji is also titled Ancient G’s-Frame or Ancient Girl’s-Frame is a story that includes sci-fi elements with action and mecha-fights. Just like their Japanese counterparts, the girls will fight enemies with unknown origins known to be called cosmic creatures with the help of a mysterious machine through a heartfelt narrative that revolves around familial bonds, and friendship.

In order to find the sister who was missing in the cosmic biological attack, Li Xinglan volunteered to join the forefront of the AG as a candidate. It describes the story of Xinglan and the partners of the AG force driving the mysterious robots of the gods excavated from all over the world to protect the peace of the earth and the world. The animation incorporates elements of combat, growth, and environmental protection, presenting an inspirational and moving heart-stringing story to the audience.

Seven Stone Entertainment is animating the series, the studio is known for producing The Emperor’s Strategy, Jue Ding, and Antidote. Dou Shen Ji is directed by Osamu Yamasaki (known for his works on several Hakuoki projects) with mechanical design by Yasuhiro Moriki. Fei Shen is providing the character design with ERIMO credited for the original character designs.

Here’s also the list of the voice cast for Dou Shen Ji as follows:

  • Xin Shan as Xinglan Li
  • Meme Yan as Irena
  • Xiaoshuang Zhao as Luna
  • Miemie as Xingyao Li
  • Zhiqiu Ye as Judith
  • Yeqiao Yue as Al
  • Heite as Misaki Yoshizaki
  • Nianru Shen as Boluoluo
  • Rongshan Chang as Mikage Williams
  • Feifei Qiao as Fei Wang
  • Mo Yang as Ray Barker
  • Siyu Chen as Yan Li
  • Yangjun Lu as Dongjing Yi

If you wish to watch Dou Shen Ji upon its release, you can save its official page on bilibili here: 斗神姬

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