All the Upcoming Donghua from Colored Pencil Animation in 2021-2022 Lineup

The Tencent Video Animation Annual Conference last August 8 has unveiled its list of upcoming Chinese anime projects for 2021 and 2022. The lineup has been filled with interesting titles that donghua fans from all over the world will surely crave for and get themselves excited about. One of the studios that will handle the production of several titles from the lineup is Colored-Pencil Animation, the studio that animated Lan Mo’s Flower and The King’s Avatar Season 2 as well as its prequel film, For the Glory.

Colored-Pencil Animation is partly owned by China Literature, a member of Tencent Holdings group and the studio had animated several Chinese donghua aside from what I had mentioned above, they also animated The King’s Avatar 2018 OVA, Lu’s Time, and it also contributed to several Japanese animation productions such as God of High School, Yasuke, and Attack on Titan Season 3.

Now, the Chinese anime studio will produce 5 of the most anticipated donghua from Tencent 2021-2022 lineup and their various genres which many fans had been anxiously waiting for all this time. Therefore, let’s get to know what are these donghua that we should watch out for from Tencent and Colored-Pencil Animation soon. I am sure, some of these titles will definitely sound familiar to you.

Blades of the Guardians (Biaoren)

Blades of the Guardians Biao Ren

Definitely one of the most awaited Chinese action anime from Tencent, Blades of the Guardians is a story of mercenaries set in Ancient China as they get entangled in a politically-driven war, and has to deal with supernatural phenomena. Blades of the Guardians has so far unveiled captivating trailers that showcase great and bloody fight scenes.

The King’s Avatar Season 3 (Quanzhi Gaoshou)

The king's Avatar Season 3

The must-awaited continuation of Ye Xiu and Team Happy’s journey to the professional arena of Glory is here in The King’s Avatar Season 3. This will feature the highly anticipated Team Happy vs Excellent Era on the Challengers League as they vie for the ticket of entering the Alliance.

Warm Sun (Nuan Yang) / Saye

Warm Sun Saye Anime

A heartfelt story of brotherhood and friendship is what awaits Chinese anime fans, BL fans to be specific in this donghua adaptation of SAYE, a danmei novel by Priest.

Fantasy x Hunter (Huan You Lieren)

Huan You Lieren (Fantasy x Hunter) anime

Next on the list is Chinese isekai anime and that is Fantasy x Hunter which resembles a lot of Japanese anime but still has that unique Chinese vibes that you can easily found from various donghua.

Silent House (Ya She)

Ya She Silent House Anime

The drama and mystery are what this donghua promises to deliver. Silent House offers an exciting feels that might remind anime fans of Pet Shop of Horror and other similar titles.

Alright, so these are the 5 Chinese anime from Colored-Pencil Animation that we should watch out for in 2021 and 2022 from Tencent’s lineup. Which one will you add to your watchlist? Let us know your thoughts about them.

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