Xyrin Empire Gets Donghua Adaptation, bilibili Unveiled New Trailer & Poster

From the author of 2019 donghua The Journal of the Mysterious Creatures (The Record of Unusual Creatures); here comes another full CGI series to watch out for from bilibili, it’s Xyrin Empire (Xi Ling Di Guo).

Xyrin Empire Promo Poster
Xyrin Empire Donghua Poster | Photo Credit: Wawayu Animation

The announcement of Xyrin Empire donghua adaptation was revealed during the 2021 bilibili annual event last November 20 and it is one of the 2 series in the lineup that has been adapted from a novel by Yuan Tong (the other one is The Sword Of Dawn, also known as Liming Zhi Jian or Sword of Daybreaker).

Xyrin Empire is also known by other titles aside from its Chinese name of Xi Ling Di Guo such as Ceiling Empire, Hopeful Spirit Empire, and Xi Ling Empire which were all attributed to its source material, the Xyrin Empire novel series.


The legendary tale of the Xyrin Empire is not about its struggles… or the tempest of another world or some cultivation myth. This is a super-serious, super-hard sci-fi novel about saving the world. Take what I’m saying seriously… Not. Okay, this is just a funny story about a deceptive human emperor, bringing his bunch of slippery alien leaders to have fun saving the world every day. Chen Jun is an unmotivated otaku who turns into the Emperor of an ancient intergalactic magic sci-fi empire. With the aura of a stay-at-home dad, he is nothing but a middle-aged man who adopts a group of lolis… and an army of freeloading aliens that came out of nowhere. Er, what? Ahem. Really though, this is a super-serious story… a super-mega-ultra-serious sci-fi story. For the Empire!

The series is animated by Wawayu Animation (known for Cinderella Chef) and produced by bilibili. The release date hasn’t been revealed but fans can expect it to premiere next year since it is listed as part of the bilibili Chinese anime lineup for 2022.


Here’s the first look at the donghua as unveiled during the bilibili conference and it both looks hilarious and action-packed with a bit of mysticism.


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