A Will Eternal Season 2 PV Features Du Lingfei

One of our favorite heroines from the story of A Will Eternal (Yi Nian Yongheng) is Du Lingfei whom our brother Bai Xiaochun shares quite a deep admiration from the previous season of the popular Chinese cultivation donghua.

A Will Eternal Season 2 Du Lingfei

Du Lingfei is one of the main heroines of A Will Eternal whom the main character Bai Xiaochun will fall in love later on. Of all the girls that had appeared so far in the donghua adaptation of the beloved xinxia novel, Du Lingfei was the one that Bai Xiaochun shares some intimate feelings with.

She’s a well-known beauty who is not only popular but also talented among her peers. Despite her playful and proud nature, she’s also kind and self-sacrificing deep in her heart as shown in various occasions from the series.

Despite their better partings last season, are we going to see her back in A Will Eternal Season 2? Definitely yes, and we are all excited to see all the fun and usual humor, drama, and actions that come with brother Bai Xiaochun’s journey towards the peak of cultivation with the sole motivation of saving himself from death while becoming a great character in the process.

Li Shimeng is also returning to provide the voice actor for the character of Du Lingfei in A Will Eternal Season 2.

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