Is Shi Yi Chang an Season 3 Had Been Announced?

Emela or also known as Mingyue had been one of our favorite donghua princesses, she’s a character that I often put along with Qi Yunxi and Su Luo as my favorite heroines from any Chinese romance anime. She’s the main character from Shi Yi Chang An or also known as Memory of Chang An, or Recollection of Chang An – a tender story of budding romance amidst political intrigues and imperial politics that gets even more complicated because of an imminent uprising.

The Memory of Chang an anime
Mingyue, Shi Yi Chang An main heroine

Is Shi Yi Chang An Gets a Season 3 Donghua Adaptation?

Now, for all the fans who had been watching the romance donghua and had been amazed by Shi Yi Chang An, this is the question that many of us are asking, is Shi Yi Chang An Season 3 had been announced? upon writing this post, there’s no official announcement yet whether the donghua will return for another season after giving us a good teasing and exciting ride from its first 2 seasons.

Shi Yi Chang An: Mingyue Jishi You

The Memory of Chang An or officially titled Shi Yi Chang An: Mingyue Jishi You is a Chinese romance donghua that first aired on October 28, 2020 on Bilibili. It was adapted from a Chinese manhua titled, Wang Ye Buyao A or also known as Prince, Don’t Do This! It follows the story of Emela, a young princess who had been betrothed to the 9th prince of the imperial family during the Tang Dynasty of Ancient China.

The Memory of Chang An Season 2


Princess Ming Yue and Li Qiang, the emperor’s ninth prince, are forced to marry to keep the peace in their kingdoms. As the princess finally seems to be getting used to her new life in Chang’An (an ancient Chinese capital), plots are hovering against her and the royal family.

Source: Myanimelist

The donghua was renewed for the 2nd season in 2021 and proceeded to continue where the story left off from the finale of the 1st season. It runs as part of the Spring 2021 lineup of Bilibili and follows a more dramatic route in the story and highlights Mingyue’s past and the growing affection between the two main characters.

Shi Yang Chang An FAQ

While many fans are waiting for Shi Yi Chang An Season 3, I am pretty sure that new donghua viewers are also checking out the series and may also have some questions lingering in their brains. Now, here are some of the questions that were often asked about Shi Yi Chang An and what you should know about them.

How many episodes of Shi Yi Chang An are there?

The first season of the donghua was released on October 28 and run until January 6, 2021 for a total of 12 episodes with 16 minutes in length each. It was followed by its 2nd season which aired with 13 episodes from April 15, 2021 until July 8, 2021. In total, Shi Yi Chang An donghua adaptation had 25 episodes that fans can enjoy watching from the start until the 2nd season ended.

Is Memory of Chang An good?

If you’re still doubting if Shi Yi Chang An is worth your time, then let me tell you that if you love romance donghua like Psychic Princess, The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife, and Cinderella Chef, then this series is definitely for you. It shares a lot of elements with those donghua that I’ve mentioned but it also has its own unique appeal ranging from its visually stunning animation and vivid graphics, gorgeous character designs, and interesting characters.

How do I watch a Memory of Chang An?

Now, if you’re ready to watch Shi Yi Chang An, you can always check its official page on Bilibili or on its YouTube Channel. Various anime and donghua websites such as Myanimelive, Kurinaofficial, Naruldonghua, and even Gogoanime have the series in their archives too. Furthermore, different fansubs for the donghua are also available on YouTube.

Which Chinese Studio Animated Shi Yi Chang An?

Lingsanwu Animation handled the production of Shi Yi Chang An for its donghua adaptation from its 1st season in 2020 and 2nd season in 2021.

Where to Read Shi Yi Chang An Manga?

The donghua is adapted from a manhua called Shi Yi Chang’an: Wangye, or Wangye Buyao A, or Prince. Don’t Do This! which was created by Dongman Tang – the same comic studio behind popular works like Wo Bei Xitong Tuo Guan Le, and Yi Ren Zhi Xia (The Outcast). For fans who wish to read the manhua, it is available on Tencent Comics and WeComics.

Who are the voice actors for Shi Yi Chang An donghua?

Familiar names are behind the voice cast of the series which includes the following:

  • Ai Li as Mingyue Li (Emela)
  • Enze Zhang as Qian Li
  • Qigang Cheng as Kongzhen Zi
  • Nianru Shen as Tanli
  • Zhen Zhang as Kuo Li