Shikong Zhi Xi Anime Release Date Unveiled

From one of China’s most prolific animation studios, B.CMAY Pictures is an amazing action and fantasy donghua that every viewer should keep an eye on this 2022 and that is Shikong Zhi Xi or also known as Space-Time Gap.

ShiKong Zhi Xi anime

This had been among the donghua that fans had been waiting for almost 2 years since its first announcement in 2020 but it was delayed despite the hype of its speculative released in 2021. Now, that the release date had been officially unveiled, Shikong Zhi Xi is slated for release on April 15, 2022, on Bilibili.

It is one of the donghua to watch out for on April 15, the other one is the Chinese isekai and comedy It Starts with a Mountain from Tencent’s 2022 donghua lineup.

Shi Kong Zhi Xi anime donghua

Shikong Zhi Xi anime is adapted from a video game of the same name. The upcoming donghua is scheduled to get 13 episodes with 18 minutes duration each and will start airing on April 15 until July 1, 2022.

Shikong Zhi Xi Synopsis

The space-time gap between this world and another world caused by unstable energy is the only way for monsters in another world to lead to the world. Bravely stand in the gap between time and space and fight to protect the world.

Source: Bilibili, translated

B.CMAY Pictures is handling the production of the Shikong Zhi Xi anime adaptation and it is produced by Bilibili and Fantasy Westward Journey. Ke Ciong, the Mo Dao Zu Shi director, the brain behind most of B.CMAY Pictures’ works is helming the project.

Shikong Zhi Xi boasts big names on its list of voice actors which includes established figures such as Jiang Guangtao who is known for voicing the characters of Xie Lian from Heaven Official’s Blessing, Sheng Lingyuan from Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire, and Xiaohei from The Black and White Warriors.

Shikong Zhi Xi anime voice actors include the following:

  • Jiang Guangtao as Hang Lu
  • Baomu Zhongyang as Yifan Lin
  • Shen Nianru as Mo Qin

Meanwhile, the voice actors for the characters of Hu Tou Guia and Xuan Caie haven’t been revealed yet.

Fans who wish to watch the Shikong Zhi Xi anime adaptation can check its official pages on Bilibili and its various outlets in the links below:

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