What You Need to Know about Da Wang Rao Ming Voice Actors?

Da Wang Rao Ming or also known as Spare Me, Great Lord! had been one of the donghua (Chinese anime) that made a buzz last year and despite that it’s been a few months since it ended, many fans are still hyped for it and anxiously waiting for its 2nd season.

da wang rao ming voice actors

Everything about Da Wang Rao Ming is just as exciting as the story itself that no matter how generic it might be, it has something good for the viewers to enjoy. Plus, who would ever forget how amazing and outstanding that opening theme is, that was absolutely stunning and definitely an epitome of what a quality animation should be, it is even on par with some of the best Japanese anime out there.

The story, soundtrack, and animation of Da Wang Rao Ming had been fantastic in either of those elements. But what about the voice acting? Are there any characters in the series that remind you of another donghua character? These voice actors did a good job of giving further life to the spectacular ride of watching Da Wang Rao Ming and all the hilarious cultivation antics that it served.

Well, that is why we are here as we take a look at Da Wang Rao Ming’s voice actors and navigate which characters share the same voices. In our previous post about Tian Bao Fuyao Lu voice actors, many had been quite surprised that two characters with opposing personalities can share the same voices, and we are also hoping to get the same surprise this time around. Without further ado, let’s check them one by one.

Da Wang Rao Ming Donghua Voice Actors

Yang Tianxiang as Lu Shu

The 31 years old voice actor Yang Tianxiang from Beijing has given life to the mischievous and hilarious character of Lu Shu, the main character of Da Wang Rao Ming.

da wang rao ming voice actors

Did you know that he also voiced some of the most popular donghua characters such as Lu Guang (Link Click), Axuan (White Snake), Jin Guangyao (Mo Dao Zu Shi), Li Yunxiang (New Gods: Nezha Reborn), Bai Yuechu (Fox Spirit Matchmaker), and Xu Boyuan (The King’s Avatar) to name a few.

He also voiced the Chinese dub for the characters of Gilbert Bougainvillea (Violet Evergarden), Minato Hinageshi (Ride Your Wave), Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece Stampede), and Tengen Uzui (Demon Slayer Season 2).

Zhao Shuang as Lu Xiaoyu

This adorable donghua voice actor may not have as plenty of credits as the voice actor behind Lu Shu, but Zhao Shuang also boasts several characters from different Chinese anime series in her profile aside from the cute and almighty Lu Xiaoyu of Da Wang Rao Ming.

da wang rao ming voice actors

In 2021, she gets to voice the female lead of iQIYI’s romance donghua No Choice But to Betray Earth!, while she also voiced some characters in Link Click such as Liu Meng and Xu Shanshan. I think her other most notable works include voicing cute characters like Hou Xiaomei from A Will Eternal, and Yi Shabei from Daily Life of the Immortal King.

Nie Xiying as Cao Qingci

da wang rao ming voice actors

This 24-year-old voice actress hasn’t played any major roles yet, but she has worked on several donghua such as A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality as Chen Qiaoqian, Daily Life of the Immortal King as Jiang Liuying, Spicy Girl as Liu Xuxu, and the unfortunate blind girl Aqing from Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 where she brought so much drama in the Yi City Arc.

Liu Cong as Li Xianyi

da wang rao ming voice actors

Li Xiang, the master in the neighborhood of the siblings is voiced by none other than Liu Cong who played some strong middle-aged characters such as Xielu from the Cooking Master Boy anime adaptation, Uncle Lan Qiren from Mo Dao Zu Shi, the disgusting village chief Baiyi from Fog Hill of Five Elements, and the ever hot and sizzling daddy from Tian Bao Fuyao Lu, Lord Zhongming.

In his portfolio for Chinese dub anime, he voiced Hyoue Kuroda from Detective Conan, Tanktop Master from One Punch Man, Seinen from Mirai of the Future, and Smoker-san from One Piece Stampede film.

Ajie as Nie Ting

da wang rao ming voice actors

We all love Nie Ting and he definitely went viral due to his resemblance to Eren Yeager. But aside from that, did you know that he was voiced by probably the most popular voice actor in Chinese animation? Yes, behind this absolutely handsome character is Ajie-sama, who had voiced several of the well-established and beloved donghua characters. Among them is Ye Xiu from The King’s Avatar, Wei Wuxian from Mo Dao Zu Shi, Xiao Jinyun from No Doubt In Us, and Wu Rendi from Bureau of Paranormal Investigation, Zhang Lingyu from The Outcast, and Xiao Jian from Spicy Girl.

Wei Chao as Shi Xuejin

da wang rao ming voice actors

From Beijing with love, Wei Chao often voiced handsome middle-aged characters and in Da Wang Rao Ming, he played another handsome character again. The 34 years old voice actor also lends his voice to the characters of Xie Kanhua from Word of Honor, hot daddy Qingxiong from Tian Bao Fuyao Lu, Tang Lian from the Great Journey of Teenagers, Baba from My Holy Weapon, and the magician, Wang Jiexi from The King’s Avatar.

Zekun Shi as Xifei

da wang rao ming voice actors

Alright, here’s a voice actor who often portrayed ruggedly handsome characters in donghua despite only having a few works in his portfolio so far. But aside from voicing Xifei from Da Wang Rao Ming, Zekun Shi also voiced Wu Zunshen from The Temptation of a Cat Spirit, Kong Xuan from Tian Bao Fuyao Lu, Zhou Wentao from An Jie Shen Shi, and the hot Bei Tanglie from Psychic Princess.

Lei Zhang as Li Yixiao

da wang rao ming voice actors

Known for his works on several Chinese dub anime from Japan, Lei Zhang added Li Yixiao from Da Wang Rao Ming in his portfolio but prior to that, he had voiced Genta Kojima & Ginzo Nakamori from Detective Conan, he also voiced Zhang Yude from The Outcast in 2016, while playing Kenichi Okamura in Kuroko no Basket: Last Game.

Tangsu Zi as Jiang Shuyi

da wang rao ming voice actors

Alright, Tangsu Zi may not have plenty of works in her voice acting portfolio but she did voice one of our favorite characters from Da Wang Rao Ming and that is Jiang Shuyi. We’ll definitely remember her and looking forward to more from her. Meanwhile, in 2017, she voiced Yin Xitong in The King’s Avatar.

Wang Jingyang as Li Qingyu

da wang rao ming voice actors

The 25-year-old voice actor has played the character of Li Qingyu, but he also worked on several donghua such as Link Click as Jizhe and Diantai Zhuchiren B, as well as Shilang Hubu in No Doubt In Us.

Sun Lulu as Liu Li

da wang rao ming voice actors

One of the characters that we might not remember from Da Wang Rao Ming but still pisses us off at times is Li Liu and he had been voiced by the 31-year-old Sun Lulu. Well, he voiced Li Liu who had been quite antagonistic to Lu Shu but did you know that he also voiced another overwhelmingly strong donghua MC? Yes, he voiced Wang Ling, the main character of Daily Life of the Immortal King. His other works include Liu Min in Link Click, and Xiaoqing in Those Years I Opened a Zoo.

And that’s it. They are the voice actors behind Da Wang Rao Ming that gave further flavors to the story of the donghua and makes the ride even more exciting with their passionate and spectacular portrayal of their respective characters. Who is your favorite? Which one surprised you? Please let us know in the comment section below.