Chinese Action Donghua OUTTA FIRE (Zhu Huo Zhan Ji) Release & Updates

There’s a new action and fantasy donghua in town and that is Outta Fire (Zhu Huo Zhan Ji) which was previously announced by Tencent during their 2022 annual conference last August 8. It’s one of the newly adapted donghua on their lineup along with the highly anticipated sequels like Spare Me, Great Lord! Season 2, The Outcast Season 5, Stellar Transformations, and The King’s Avatar Season 3 to name a few.

Chinese donghua Outta Fire

Outta Fire (Zhu Huo Zhan Ji) Overview

The upcoming donghua is adapted from a manhua of the same title which was quite new since it was only published in 2020 on Tencent Comics.

The plot of Outta Fire simply shouts so much similarity with many stories we have seen out there but there’s a certain appeal to it that I believed shounen fans will definitely bite. For me, it personally gives off a Fire Force and The Outcast vibe.


The ninth son of the Dragon Pool Sea came to the world to learn through experience, but he accidentally joined a special high-tech fire brigade. In order to blend in with his human partner, he must perform dangerous tasks while hiding the fact that he has superpowers, constantly having to choose between a life or death choice of saving lives or not exposing his identity. More importantly, he would have to gradually heal from the darkness in his heart as he grows up, after witnessing human disasters for thousands of years.

Source: MU

Now, you must be asking, when is the release of Outta Fire? Unfortunately, its release date hasn’t been unveiled and since it was only announced by Tencent a few months ago, it may take a while until we get new updates about it. Nonetheless, it is listed for Tencent’s donghua lineup for 2022-2023, hence, we can only expect it’ll be released within that timeframe.

However, we do know that its production committee is headed by Dejavu Media as its animation studio while Tencent Penguin Pictures is listed as its producer.