Chinese Donghua Aiyou De Mishi (Aiyou’s Secret Room) to be Released on January 31

One of Bilibili’s earliest treats to Chinese animation fans this 2023 is the mystery and thriller donghua Aiyou De Mishi or also known as Aiyou’s Secret Room which had been scheduled for release on January 31.

Aiyou's Secret Room Donghua

The dark and intriguing vibe of this new donghua will surely bring you on another exciting ride and it even gives off the same feels as some of our favorite psychological and mystery donghua like Link Click (Shiguang Daili Ren), Face on Lie, and even danmei story of Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation.

Aiyou’s Secret Room Release Date

The donghua is adapted from a Chinese manhua of the same name and it is animated by Lingsanwu Animation, the studio behind the gorgeous series – Memory of Chang an (Shi Yi Chang’an: Mingyue Ji Shi You). The series is slated to get 16 episodes in total and will air from January 31 until May 9, 2023; with each episode having 15 minutes duration in average.

Yan Yuechu went back to his hometown to work, and met new friends in the company where he joined. After entering the XY Chamber of Secrets to play secret room games, he found himself attracted by the owner of the secret room, Xu Aiyou. However, this is the beginning of his falling into one after another strange secret room illusion. At the same time, as Yan Yuechu got in touch with Xu Aiyou, more and more incidents happened around Yan Yuechu one after another, and these incidents even involved his friends. In the process of cracking the secret room and finding the mastermind behind the incident, Yan Yuechu gradually came across the hidden truth of the incident…

Source: Bilibili

Aiyou’s Secret Room donghua adaptation is only one of the many upcoming shows from Bilibili this January 2023, the others titles include The Bistro Li Linke Season 2, Yao-Chinese Folktales, Scissor Seven Season 4, and Long Sword Season 2 to name a few of them.

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