Left Hand Layup! (Zuoshou Shanglan) Sports Donghua To Air on February 2

One of the moments that many donghua fans must have been waiting for is the announcement of the release date of Left Hand Layup! or also known as Zuoshou Shanglan which had been the most anticipated Chinese sports anime these past years since it was first unveiled in 2021.

Left Hand Layup! (Zuoshou Shanglan)

Left Hand Layup! (Zuoshou Shanglan) Release Date

Now, Left Hand Layup! donghua is slated for release on February 2, 2023 – that was quite a long wait since the series was originally scheduled to air in 2022. Nevertheless, despite all the delays, all fans can simply now focus their strength on looking forward to what this new basketball anime will bring forth to the court.

LHL Culture together with BLOOD&SOUL is handling the production of Left Hand Layup! which had been sponsored by the Chinese Basketball Association. Now, this only makes the donghua a highly anticipated sports series among anime fans, some even comparing it to the likes of Slam Dunk and Kuroku’s Basketball to some extent.

It follows a youthful spirit of sportsmanship, building relationships, and discovering one’s passion. That is why in 2022, it was listed among the youth-oriented donghua by Tencent alongside Warm Sun and ‎AWM: PUBG Mobile.

Left Hand Layup! is the other basketball donghua coming this year along with Fly! Basketball or also known as Alley-oop! With this new donghua coming on February 2, we can only anticipate for something exciting from the Chinese animation scene.

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