Battle Through the Heavens (Dou Po Cangqiong) Season 4 Coming in 2021

Xiao Yan is coming back in 2021 for Battle Through The Heavens Season 4 after the announcement made by Tencent during its conference event. The event confirmed the donghua’s return next year along with the other Chinese anime series slated for release in 2021 which includes Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3, Hitori no Shita: The Outcast Season 4, Full-Time Magister Season 5, Stellar Transformations Season 3, Martial Universe Season 3 and many more. Chinese anime fans can expect that 2021 is loaded with various donghua sequels and new adaptations from different source materials.

Battle Through the Heavens Season 4
Battle Through the Heavens Season 4

Battle Through The Heavens Season 4 Announcement

The announcement of Battle Through the Heavens Season 4 was first unveiled during the 2020 Tencent Video Animation Conference last August 8, 2020 where Tencent unveiled its lineup of Chinese anime shows for 2020 and 2021.

Battle Through the Heavens was last seen by the viewers during the conclusion of its 3rd season in 2019 which followed the journey of the protagonist Xiao Yan and his mentor Yao Lao in the Tageer desert as they steal the Heavenly Flame from Queen Medusa. The third season of the donghua also shown the fantastic fight during the infiltration of Pill King Gu He team in the base of the Snake-people Tribe along with Yun Yun with the same goal of taking the Heavenly Flame from Queen Medusa. After the event in the Tageer Desert, Hai Bo Dong joined Xiao Yan in his journey and they rescue Qing Lin who was abducted.

What the fans should expect in Battle Through the Heavens Season 4 will depend if the production team will follow the sequence of events from the novel. However, we can expect that Xiao Yan will return to Jia Ma Empire and join the competition among alchemists and gained the trust of Nalan’s family. Together with Hai Bodong who return to his Premier Clan, Battle Through The Heavens Season 4 might show us the highly anticipated fight between Xiao Yan and his former fiancee Nalan Yanran to settle the issue from the start of the series.

Here’s the full synopsis of Battle Through the Heavens

In a land where no magic is present and the strong make the rules, Xiao Yan, a gifted teenager, suddenly became useless and loses everything. As an enviable former genius, everyone bullied him after he lost his ability, even his fiancee demanded to divorce! However, things are changeable, with the help of master Yao Chen hidden in the ring left by his mother, Xiao Yan made a vow at age 15 to step up to the peak of the Dou-qi continent for the sake of his family and his loved people. A legendary reversal just begin! (Source: Mangatoon)