Carp Reborn Season 2 (Yuan Long) Announced for 2021 Chinese Anime by bilibili

Yuan Long or also known as Carp Reborn or Dragon Origins, one of bilibili’s most popular Chinese anime of 2020 is returning for another season in 2021. This transmigration or isekai donghua first aired from July 11 until October 3, and had been one of bilibili’s top lineup from that season along with Legend of Tang.

Carp Reborn Season 2 Announcement

Yuan Long Anime 2
Yuan Long Anime 2

It has been confirmed that Carp Reborn Season 2 is coming next year during the event that bilibili held last Nov. 21, 2020 where they revealed their Chinese anime lineup for 2021. CG Year is returning to animate the series, this studio is quite famous for animating 3DCG donghua and some of their works are among the most streamed in China.


Carp Reborn Season 2 Trailer


Currently, Carp Reborn Season 2 release date is not confirmed yet but it is listed for the 2021 release, so fans can expect that it might be out around summer or fall next year.


Yuan Long Season 1 Visual
Yuan Long Season 1 Visual

Carp Reborn Synopsis

Special forces operative Wang Sheng was transported into the world of Yuanhun (Origin Spirits). There, he was possessed by a useless spirit: a carp, becoming infamous trash in the world of Origin Spirits! In this world filled with experts, Wang Sheng used the knowledge he acquires to surmount all difficulties, even finding a way to evolve his useless spirit carp! From a sparrow to a Phoenix, from a carp to a Dragon! In this sinister and vicious world full of disputes, he will make his path towards success! Legends say that a carp who leaps over the Dragon’s Gate will become a dragon itself. Through effort and courage, even an insignificant carp can defy its fate and become a legend.

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