The Snake: Become Human (Madame White Snake) Donghua Movie Updates

The Chinese anime (donghua) movie fever this year already started with the release of New Gods: Nezha Reborn last February 12, 2021. Nezha Reborn might have caught the interest of donghua fans due to its title and many of us might be thinking, is it a sequel to Nezha: The Demon’s Rebirth film from 2019? The answer is no, it is a new film inspired by The Investiture of the Gods and featured the same character but with a twist.

The Snake: Become Human Madame White Snake

Nezha Reborn was animated by Light Chaser Animation and in line with this, here’s another film that donghua fans might think to be a sequel and that is The Snake: Become Human or also known as Madame White Snake. It is an upcoming donghua film slated for release on February 21, 2021.

The Snake: Become Human

Millennium waiting. Stay true to yourself.

The upcoming animated film The Snake: Become Human is another retelling of the classic Chinese folktale, The Legend of the White Snake. It is directed by Yang Jiazhu and is listed under the genre of action, drama, and romance. Just like the original story, the film revolves around the snake demon who wishes to become human in order to be with the person she fell in love with.

Just like the 2019’s White Snake film, this new version of the film will tackle various themes from Chinese culture and traditions and the sacrifices that come along with every action and decision.

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