Is there Gonna be a Tong Ling Fei Season 2 Anime?

Everybody is asking, will there be a Tong Ling Fei Season 2? This has been the question of many donghua fans ever since the series ended in such a cliffhanger last 2019. So, let’s talk a little bit if there is any possibility for Tong Ling Fei Season 2 to come to fruition or will it just stay as a rumor forever.

Tong Ling Fei Season 2 anime

Tong Ling Fei Season 2

Tong Ling Fei or also known as Psychic Princess is a donghua that premiered on November 30, 2018, and run for a total of 16 episodes. It was animated by Haoliners Animation League in collaboration with Tencent Comics and Animation. Tong Ling Fei is adapted from a popular Chinese manhua of the same title, written and illustrated by Rou Rou which has been published in 2016.

It follows the story of Qian Yunxi, the eldest daughter of the Prime Minister who had the special power to see ghosts and spirits. Because of this, her family has deemed her as a bad omen and exiled her to the mountains. The infamous tyrant prince of the empire, Ye Youming had requested the Prime Minister to marry Yunxi’s younger sister as a means of bargaining chip whenever the latter might plan a rebellion. Unknown to the prince, the Prime Minister had sent Yunxi instead and the story follows a hilarious yet romantic and peculiar relationship between Yunxi and Ye Youming.

Tong Ling Fei

Tong Ling Fei donghua adaptation ended at episode 16 and just when the fans are thinking that there might have been episode 17, the series eventually stopped its release which concludes the donghua’s supposed to be the first season. Since the series ended with such a cliffhanger, many fans are speculating for Tong Ling Fei Season 2.

While there is no official announcement yet, many people expected Tong Ling Fei to get a second season after its successful stint and the fact that it was animated by Haoliners Animation League which usually do sequels for its popular series. Unfortunately, no further announcement was made yet.

However, Tong Ling Fei was released in Japan last 2020 under the title Tsureihime. The series was also added in Crunchyroll’s donghua archives. This only means that the production team is working to spread the series to a larger market and we can only be hopeful that they will decide to announce the much-needed and highly anticipated Tong Ling Fei Season 2 soon.

If you wish to watch Tong Ling Fei, you can directly go to Crunchyroll, bilibili or on the official YouTube channel of WeComics.

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