L2 Studio to Produced Er Hago Di Qiu, their First 3D Animation

The studio behind the popular Chinese anime Rakshasa Street explored another level of animation as they will be working on their first 3D anime project – Er Hago Di Qiu or Earth No. 2. L2 Studio had unveiled the first promotional video for Er Hago Di Qiu on April 22, 2021 which is in line with the World’s Earth Day celebration.

Er Hago Di Qiu First PV

This is an explorative journey for L2 Studio which has established itself as one of the better studios in terms of producing 2D Chinese anime in recent years with the upcoming Rakshasa Street Season 2 as their latest project and fans still waiting for its donghua adaptation of the BL novel Silent Reading (Mo Du Zhe).

Er Hago Di Qiu

There’s no release date yet for Er Hago Di Qiu, however, fans can expect that L2 Studio will release it within this year. The studio will apply various technologies in animating the series including 3D panoramic head scan technology, face capture technology, motion capture technology, and the UE4 engine real-time rendering.

Are you guys excited for L2 studio’s first venture into Chinese 3D animation? Share your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

References: My Donghua News

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