Demon God chinese anime

English Title/s: Demon God (2021)
Chinese Title/s: Jie Li Yao Sheng
Alternative Title/s: The Legend Of The demon God
Release Date: Ápril 30, 2021
Synopsis: Thousand of years ago, the Immortal Clan and the Demonic Clan fought for the universe. To defend the peace and justice, the Immortal Clan created a mysterious legendary fighter who blew himself up into thousands of pieces, floating in the world. And Lu Xiaofei inherits a part of the fighter. [Souce: My Donghua News]
Studio/s: Chuanqi Studio (Xiao Ming Taiji – Hubei)
Opening Theme:  
Ending Theme:  
Producer/s: iQIYI
Genre/s: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Historical
Source/s: Manhua
No. of Episodes:  
Episode Length:  
Stream Link/s:  
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