Xi Xing Mo Shi Lu 1: Jiang Shi Pian (Apocalypse to the West) Anime Unveiled

It has been announced that the popular manhua Xi Xing Mo Shi Lu gets an anime adaptation in 2023 as part of iQIYI’s upcoming anime lineup for 2021-2022 along with many titles such as Xie Wang Zhui Qi Season 3, You Yao Season 2, and Da Zhu Dai 3D donghua.

Xi Xing Mo Shi Lu 1 Jiang Shi Pian
Xi Xing Mo Shi Lu 1 Jiang Shi Pian

The manhua’s anime adaptation has been titled Xi Xing Mo Shi Lu 1: Jiang Shi Pian and will be animated by Big Firebird Cultural Media, the studio is known for producing popular donghua such as Hero Return!, The Outcast Season 3, and Planting Manual. While iQIYI is producing the series along with Energy Studio.

Xi Xi Mo Shi Lu manhua is also known as Apocalypse to the West is written by author Zhang Xiongbo and will feature genres such as action, adventure, reincarnation/transmigration, demons, fantasy, and apocalyptic on which many Chinese anime fans are quite familiar.

There’s no specific release date yet for Xi Xing Mo Shi Lu anime, however, we will update this post as often as possible whenever we get new information about it. Nevertheless, here’s a bit of estimation since Anilist previously posted that the anime is slated for release on June 9, 2023.

Xi Xing Mo Shi Lu Anime Trailer

The manhua was first rumored to get an anime adaptation in 2016 when a preview of it had been published online. It was later announced that Xi Xing Mo Shi Lu anime is getting an anime in 2017 but it canceled later on until production company iQIYI added it on their future projects and eventually unveiling it as part of their upcoming Chinese anime lineup several weeks ago.