Chinese Anime Shi Kong Zhi Xi PV2 Revealed

Chinese animation studio B.CMAY Pictures revealed Shi Kong Zhi Xi PV2, an anime adaptation of the popular smartphone game of the same title by NetEase. The anime is scheduled for release this year and is one of bilibili’s Chinese anime lineup for 2021.

Shi Kong Zhi Xi anime

Shi Kong Zhi Xi PV2

The announcement of Shi Kong Zhi Xi anime adaptation was first unveiled on November 21, 2020, where bilibili revealed to the public their upcoming animation projects for 2021. Together with the announcement is a promotional video for the series as shown below.

Overview & Release Date

Shi Kong Zhi Xi anime release date is scheduled for April 15, 2022. This is after so many delays since the donghua had been originally slated as part of the 2021 lineup of Bilibili.


The space-time gap created by unstable energy between the realms and the otherworldly world is the only way for monsters from the otherworldly world to reach the current world. To prevent the monsters from invading, a group of destined people, with a special constitution, bravely stand in the space-time gap to fight for the protection of the world. [Source: My Donghua News]

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