The Island of Siliang Characters PV Unveiled

A set of the promotional video had been unveiled by the upcoming Chinese anime The Island of Siliang (Juan Siliang) that introduced its characters. The PV gives a short overview of the character’s backstory, their designs, and what will be their role in the story.

The Island of Siliang anime 2
The Island of Siliang key visual

In this post, I will share The Island of Siliang characters PV, they will be the characters that fans should look forward to see in the story upon its release on June 14, 2021 at Tencent at 10:00 AM.


The Island of Siliang Characters PV

Jing Xuan

This handsome boy is a descendant of the gods. He has a mature yet cold demeanor and he is eager to find the culprit behind his parents’ murder.


Tu Li

She’s the only mortal on the mysterious island. Adopted by Yi Mong, she’s cheerful, dexterous, righteous, and sweet. Will she be able to successfully leave the island?


Xiao Ji

He was an outsider who traveled to the Siliang island by mistake through a wormhole. He was tasked by the Emperor to look for an immortal, will he find one on the mysterious island?


Xu Lingzi

A descendant of an immortal, she’s a girl who grew up in the strict household of the Xu family. Deep inside she’s craving for freedom and just wants to be silly at times. Will she be able to get the freedom she desires from the island?



She’s one of the 3 elders of the island. She’s an ancient god who wanders the world freely until she was accidentally trapped in the mysterious island of Siliang. Unlike the banished immortals on the island, she maintains her eternal youth and lives through her rhythm of time.


Xu Linglong

The young master of the Xu family and the king of children on the island.


Cheng Wei and Cheng Xuan

The two sons of the Cheng Family had different personalities and they often clash with each other. However, deep inside they have a genuine brotherly bond.


Cheng Ran

The son-in-law of the Cheng family. He holds the clue to several mysteries that took place on the mysterious island of Siliang. What is his relationship with all the events that took place so far?


So far, these are all the available character PV that we had for The Island of Siliang. Watch out for more updates about the original Chinese anime from Year Young Culture.

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