The Island of Siliang (Juan Siliang) Scheduled to Premiere on June 14

After so many delays, Year Young Culture Chinese anime The Island of Siliang (Juan Siliang) is finally premiering this 2021. The animation project is originally titled the Deity Introspection and The Iland of Siliang. It involves the fantasy genre that touches on romance and martial arts, so this is another xinxia that donghua fans should look forward to watch.


The Island of Siliang is originally slated for release in 2020 as part of the summer lineup, however, it was delayed and no further news had been released by Tencent ever since except for occasional updates like new promotional videos and images.

The Island of Siliang

The Island of Siliang Release Date

In the latest announcement by Year Young Culture, The Island of Siliang release date is slated on June 14, 2021, on Tencent. The CG animated work was scheduled for 15 episodes with 15 minutes length for its first season. Zhao Yuqing is working on the series as the director, writer, and art director, while Jiang Guangtao was the dubbing director.

The Island of Siliang Chinese anime


The Island of Siliang is about a stubborn girl who had a tumultuous and complicated love story and aspires to be a martial artist, and she’s living on a mysterious island. [Via Yu Alexius]


The Island of Siliang Character Artworks

Here, we have the previously revealed character artworks for the anime and it looks gorgeous and spectacular than ever.

Characters CG Designs

Here we have the 3D character designs of the people that we should look forward to see in the donghua as shown below:

Trailers & PVs

The Island of Siliang revealed several promotional videos throughout its whole production period and here are some of them.


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