Juan Siliang Season 2 (The Island of Siliang) Had Been Announced by Tencent

One of the most beautiful, gorgeous, and unique Chinese anime of 2021, Juan Siliang (The Island of Siliang) which thrilled us with interesting conspiracy theories had been announced to return for another season, that is according to the 2021-2022 donghua lineup from Tencent which had been unveiled during their 2021 conference last August 8.

Juan Siliang Season 2 (The Island of Siliang)

We don’t have new updates about its estimated release yet, but we do have here the first concept art poster for Juan Siliang Season 2 which features the character of Jing Xuan.

Juan Siliang Season 2 (Island of Siliang) Donghua
Juan Siliang Season 2 (Island of Siliang) Donghua

Juan Siliang Season 2 will continue where the story will leave us upon the conclusion of its 1st season which is due to end at episode 15, 2 weeks from now. It seems that the 1st season of Juan Siliang had only introduced the series to us, its characters and their quest to be free from the shackles that bind them in the prison island of Siliang, the conspiracies that unfold before them which also resulted in several deaths including the parents of the main characters. In fact, what the 1st season of Juan Siliang had been trying to do since its release is introducing the characters, a short glimpse at their backstories, and raising some more questions, sowing seeds of curiosity among the viewers and the real motives and desires of various characters from the series.

The three elders have their own agenda, the Cheng family wants to control the entire island through sheer power and brute force, the Xu family wants to leave the island and redeemed their honor among the gods no matter what the consequences are, while Fengmian only wants to leave the island as soon as possible and roam the world once again.

Amidst all these conspiracies, betrayals, and tons of questions, are young hearts who seek freedom, adventure, and their own quests for vengeance and salvation; will they be able to achieve their own goals while trying not to fall victim to the devices of superior powers than them?

Many people are asking if there’s Juan Siliang novel or manhua, unfortunately, the series is an original donghua from its director Amy Zhao. It has been in the making for several years under the title of Deity Introspection, but it was only released on July 14, 2021, by Year Young Culture and Tencent Penguin Pictures.

With these all said, it’s amazing to learn that Juan Siliang Season 2 had been confirmed and we just have to wait for its release. Nevertheless, it’ll be amazing as I believed that the 2nd season will give us the answers to many questions that we currently have about the series.

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