New Key Visual and PV for Biao Ren (Blades of the Guardians) Anime Adaptation Had Been Unveiled

The Tencent Video Animation 2021 Conference had unveiled various IPs that the Chinese giant company had in store for the rest of the year as well as for 2022 and one of them is Blades of the Guardians (Biao Ren) which is the Chinese anime adaptation of a popular manhua of the same title by author Xu Xian Zhe.

Blades of the Guardians had been previously listed as part of Tencent’s 2021 Chinese anime lineup and this time, they had unveiled new PV and key visual for the upcoming series as shown below.

Blades of the Guardians Anime Key Visual

Blades of the Guardians Biao Ren

If you wish to learn more about its story, here’s the official synopsis of the manga as follows:

“Escorts” are warriors paid to take out the targets wanted by the government. Dao Ma is one traveling warrior trying to repay the debt he owes to a man named Mo, who took care of Dao Ma and his child, Xiao Qi. But on the way back to Mo’s town, they encounter a victim of the “rakshasa”—man-eating demons. Between the rise of rakshasa victims, bloodshed, slavery, and ruthless warriors, Dao Ma becomes caught up in the terror sweeping through the country during the last years of the Sui dynasty.

Promotional Video

We also have here the full new PV for the Blades of the Guardians as unveiled by Tencent during their event as shown below:

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