The King’s Avatar Season 3 Anime Had Been Officially Confirmed by Tencent

Every donghua fan had been waiting for this, The King’s Avatar Season 3 anime adaptation had been finally and officially confirmed by Tencent during their 2021-2022 conference where the Chinese giant company had unveiled their lineup of upcoming projects. There are many familiar titles in the lineup but what had caught the attention of many fans, especially those who are outside of China is The King’s Avatar, one of the series that paved the way to the new wave of Chinese animation’s popularity among anime fans globally.

The Kings Avatar Season 3 anime
The King’s Avatar Season 3 Key Visual

The announcement for The King’s Avatar Season 3 had been accompanied by a key visual featuring Ye Xiu (as shown in the image above). Now, what makes it interesting is that Ye Xiu’s design looks even younger here than what we had seen from the first two seasons, nevertheless, this might just be some issues with the character design on that visual. Along with the key visual is the 1st promotional video for The King’s Avatar Season 3 which was shown below.

The King’s Avatar Season 3 PV1

The PV had features Ye Xiu and he prepared for taking over the spotlight for the Challengers League where he’ll face his former team for the chance to return to the professional arena.

Now, this only makes us excited after all, The King’s Avatar Season 2 had shown us the preparation for the imminent war that Ye Xiu and his newly established team had gone through. He had also stirred enough trouble in the in-game world of Glory that dragged even the other professional players inside the game and it was just awesome to see him start his new team from scratch and finding hidden gems among them.

Since we know that The King’s Avatar Season 3 had been officially confirmed. We just need to wait for its official announcement about its release date. Colored-Pencil Animation is returning as the series’ studio and knowing that they had plenty of projects with Tencent this year, it might take a while for The King’s Avatar to return. However, we will keep you updated and posted about it, so don’t forget to bookmark our site: Chinese Anime Online.

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