Donghua fans are asking will there be LINK CLICK Season 2?

Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang will continue their story after LINK CLICK or Shiguang Daili Ren had ended with such a huge cliffhanger. Now, its fans are anxiously craving whether LINK CLICK Season 2 had been officially announced or not. Truth is, the series had been confirmed to return for its 2nd season just right after the series has concluded its 1st season’s stint last July.

Link Click (Shiguang daili ren)

Alright, Studio LAN and bilibili have unveiled that LINK CLICK Season 2 is already in production. With how the first season ended, many fans are anxiously wanting to learn what will be the fate of Lu Guang, will he survive from his fatal wounds? What will happen to Cheng Xiaoshi, what will he do next? Now, that their enemy has revealed himself, everybody wants to know who is this entity, what kind of power does he have?

The season 1 finale of LINK CLICK had leave fans with many questions hanging around and it surely feels frustrating that we have to wait until the 2nd season’s premiere to get answers to all our questions. Nevertheless, it’s fantastic to learn that LINK CLICK has more depth than what it looks like on the surface. It’s probably one of the best Chinese anime of 2021, and one that goes against the odds, it does not belong to the popular and majority cultivation (xinxia) genre. It’s on the sci-fi and urban-fantasy setting which I think is quite in the minority if we will take a look at Chinese animation as a whole. Furthermore, it gives off a more contemporary vibe, a story that could compete even with some of the best anime from Japan nowadays.

Studio LAN is returning to serve as the studio for LINK CLICK Season 2 with bilibili as the producer. While we don’t have specific details about its release yet, we can expect that it’ll be released by 2022 since Studio LAN is still working on The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 2.

I also have here a review of LINK CLICK by one of the most famous anime YouTubers out there, Gigguk:

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