Fog Hill of Five Elements Season 2 (Wu Shan Wu Xing) – The 2nd Chapter

Many fans had been left craving for more after the Fog Hill of Five Elements had concluded its 1st stint after episode 3 has aired. Now, many fans are eagerly waiting for Fog Hill of Five Elements Season 2, or what the production team has called THE SECOND CHAPTER of the story, on which the monsters and demons have come to the human realm, and the Five Elemental Axis has to maintain the balance of the two worlds, otherwise, it’ll bring a great catastrophe. Will they simply act as an observer as a protest to the mistake by the Fire Axis, or will they actively participate in the imminent war? That is something that we should watch out for in the 2nd chapter of Fog Hill of Five Elements.

Fog Hill of Five Elements
Fog Hill of Five Elements

Now, let’s talk about what we should look forward to watching upon its return. Samsara Animation and its director Lin Hun, haven’t been revealed anything whether it’ll return this 2021 or by 2022, but one thing is sure, the production team had been working nonstop to deliver the remaining parts of the story. We have learned that it took the team more than 3 years to release the series and we only got 3 episodes thus far, however, I believed that the 2nd Chapter had already been in production even before the first part had ended. So, hopefully, we’ll be getting it as soon as possible.

Fog Hill of Five Elements Season 2

[Update: November 17, 2021] A few days before the scheduled bilibili annual conference on November 20, 2021 – the official Weibo page of Fog Hill of Five Elements has unveiled a special illustration for the upcoming sequel of the series, the second chapter which they called “Xichuan Magic Purple Forest”. So, the series is listed as part of the bilibili donghua lineup for next year.

Fog Hill of Five Elements – the 2nd Chapter promises to deliver some exciting continuation where the story had left us off. The demons and monsters are about to be attacked, the upper echelon among demons had prepared some of the strongest of their kind to attack the human realm and will try to acquire the Qilin’s son. Furthermore, the human will not go down without putting a fight. We had seen the more powerful members of the village at the 3rd episode and through their experiments, it seemed that they had acquired some kind of special powers that may help them fight toe to toe against the demons.

The other envoys will be in action too, with the demons attacking, they’re bound to make an action to preserve the balance as they had been mandated. I am excited to see the Metal Axis and the Wood Axis in action, and we will be introduced to a new character who might be the Fire Axis’younger brother. So, let’s all watch out for Fog Hill of Five Elements Season 2.

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