Battle Through the Heavens 3 Year Agreement Character PV – Nalan Yanran

The highly anticipated Battle Through the Heavens Special 3 Year Agreement is finally here and the countdown started with Nalan Yanran as the featured character, the very lady that canceled her engagement to our main boy Xiao Yan which leads him to embark on an arduous journey to strengthen himself and regain the honor of his family.

Battle Through the Heavens Countdown Poster 3 year Agreement Nalan Yanran

Battle Through the Heavens 3 Year Agreement release date is slated on October 31, 2021 and will be streamed on Tencent Video. Its official Weibo page has unveiled the countdown poster that features Nalan Yanran as shown above. Furthermore, a character PV for Nalan Yanran was also unveiled which highlights a short introduction about herself, and a glimpse at her character design.

The Three-Year Agreement is one of the earliest highlights of Battle Through The Heavens and it will showcase the much-awaited battle of Xiao Yan vs Nalan Yanran in the peak of the Yunlan Sect. Many powerful and distinguished people from the Jia Ma Empire will come and watch it, the elders of the Yunlan Sect wish to use this opportunity to cement the strength of their young mistress, Nalan Yanran, who had been designated as the future Sect Master to succeed her teacher, Yun Yun. Nevertheless, our MC won’t easily give up and will show all the development and progress he had acquired all these years through hardship and determination with the help of many people he had met including his teacher Yao Lao.

Aside from their battle, the aftermath will also get even more excited with many powerful spectators interfering with the lousy and shameless plot by the Yunlan Sect.

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