Battle Through the Heavens 3 Year Agreement Character PV – Yun Shan

The first Dou Zong to make an appearance in Battle Through The Heavens donghua is Yun Shan, the previous Sect Leader of Yun Lan Sect, and the teacher of Yun Yun. He has been the featured character in the recently released countdown poster for Battle Through The Heavens Special 3 Year Agreement which is scheduled to premiere on October 31, 2021 on Tencent Video.

Battle Through the Heavens 3 Year Agreement Yun Shan

The countdown poster that features Yun Shan also comes with a character PV which tells a short overview of his character and shows his gorgeous pristine character design, albeit his soul is not pure at all though.

He’ll be one of the major obstacles for Xiao Yan this time, and he will be the motivation of Xiao Yan to get stronger, even more, so he can further exact his vengeance towards Yun Shan and the entirety of Yunlan Sect, aside from Yun Yun and Nalan Yanran.

Here’s a bit of overview about Yun Shan and this might be a spoiler for other people here. Yun Shan is one of the strongest characters in the Jia Ma Empire, prior to Yun Yun, he was the sect master of the Yun Lan Sect and had a match against Hai Bodong. As a Dou Huang, his contemporaries include Fama, Hai Bodong, and Jia Xing Tian.

He had been in cohorts with the bigger villain in the story which hasn’t been unveiled in the series yet but we should look forward to in Battle Through the Heavens Season 5. But among the entities behind Yun Shan are the evil Hall of Souls which will be the main antagonists in the majority and entirety of the Battle Through the Heavens story.

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