Battle Through The Heavens 3 Year Agreement Character PV – Yun Yun

One of the prettiest characters from Battle Through The Heavens is next on our list, Yun Yun. She glanced at the latest countdown poster of Battle Through the Heavens Special 3 Year Agreement which will premiere on October 31, 2021 on Tencent Video along with a character PV.

She looks absolutely gorgeous in the countdown poster which was released on October 28, 2021. It features Yun Yun in a new light as she was shown with a new design, no, specifically new clothing which highlights her pristine beauty and dazzling presence.

Battle Through The Heavens 3 Year Agreement Character - Yun Yun

The poster was accompanied by a promotional video. There’s a lot of things that we should look forward to Yun Yun in Battle Through the Heavens 3 Year Agreement special, albeit it’s more likely to be heartbreaking, especially with how all the secrets had been unveiled to her and Xiao Yan, and how it feels like they’d been a star-crossed lover from the start.

Yun Yun is the Sect Leader of YunLan Sect, and the master of Nalan Yanran, the very person that leads Xiao Yan down that path that he took, enduring hardships and insults, and bringing dishonor to his family. This part of the story will highlight the heartbroken, confused, and showing Yun Yun in her most vulnerable state.

Now, I won’t too much but these are only a few of the things that we should all watch out for in Battle Through The Heavens Specials – The Three-Year Agreement.

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