Battle Through The Heavens Special 3 Year Agreement Character PV – Xiao Yan

One day to go before Battle Through the Heavens Special The Three-Year Agreement will premiere. Here’s the latest countdown poster featuring our favorite Xiao Yan with the cameo of the cute 7-Colored Heaven-Swallowing Python.

Battle Through the Heavens Special 3 Year Agreement Xiao Yan

The countdown poster comes along with an introductory character PV for Xiao Yan, the main protagonist of Battle Through The Heavens, and in the upcoming 3-Year Agreement arc, he will take the first major steps towards becoming the God of the Dou Qi Continent and that is by divorcing his engagement with his former fiancee, Nalan Yanran whom, he must defeat their in their match atop the peak of the Yunlan Sect, a plot devises by the elders of the sect to further their influence in the Jia Ma Empire while trampling over the dignity of the Xiao Family.

Battle Through the Heavens Special 3 Year Agreement will highlight his fight against Nalan Yanran and the aftermath that comes with it. It is a promising part of the story, probably one of the earliest highlights from the novel. This will also mark the clash of powerful individuals in the Jia Ma Empire ranging from the various Dou Huang, the Elders of the Yunlan Sect, and even the appearance of 2 Dou Zong.

Now, this is an exciting part of Xiao Yan’s journey that we should all watch out for upon its release tomorrow – October 31, 2021 on Tencent Video.

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