Sports Donghua Left-Hand Layup! (Zuo Shou Shang Lan) Unveiled New Key Visual and PV

The upcoming sports donghua, Left-Hand Layup! from LHL Culture and Tencent Penguin Pictures has unveiled a new key visual and promotional video that features its main character – Xu Xing Ze. The new key visual as shown below, features Xu Xing Ze doing the titular Basketball movement and position, Left-Hand Layup!.

Left-Hand Layup! donghua 2022

Furthermore, the new promotional video for the donghua is more like an invitation to keep an eye and watch out for next year. It highlights Xu Xing Ze in a flashy move in the Basketball court, as he faces various obstacles and endeavors, giving off a reflective vibe and a bit inspirational. Watch the new PV below.

Left-Hand Layup! is an original sports donghua that will feature a teenage drama in a high school setting with basketball and romance at its core. The donghua is sponsored by the Chinese Basketball Association and animated by LHL Culture, a studio that was solely created for the purpose of producing the series. Zhongli Xie is handling the series as the director.

During the Tencent Video Animation 2021 Annual Conference, Left-Hand Layup! was one of their scheduled donghua for 2022 and was categorized under the group of Shining Youth – a group of upcoming series that features follows the teenage drama and appeal to younger audiences. The other series in the same group are various adaptations which include AWM: PUBG Mobile, Warm Sun (SAYE BL novel), The Defective Lovers, Sweet Bite Marks, and So Pure So Flirtatious.

To give you a glimpse of all the feels and excitement that Left-hand Layup! exudes, we had compiled here all the available trailers and promotional videos that we had so far for the upcoming donghua.

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