iQIYI to Release You Yao Season 2 (Are You OK) this Fall of 2021

Once again, iQIYI has announced their upcoming Chinese anime lineup and You Yao Season 2 is included in it which they revealed to be slated for release in the last quarter of 2021. Along with the many titles that iQIYI has unveiled during their conference last May 13, 2021; the majority of their upcoming projects has been delayed. For example, some of their upcoming works that are supposed to be released this 2021 had been rescheduled for 2022 and 2023 releases. Nevertheless, this is great news that You Yao Season 2 is coming this year, after all, many donghua fans, are anxiously waiting for its return and all the funny antics it has in store for all of us besides its well-written political schemes and conspiracies.

You Yao Season 2
You Yao Season 2

You Yao had been one of the most spectacular and surprisingly good donghua from 2020, it was able to capture the attention f of the viewers through its unique take on the Chinese isekai genre giving it a contemporary feel and a breath of fresh air from all the other transmigration story in Chinese animation that hugely highlights cultivation cliches.

The donghua was first released on July 10, 2021 and it runs for 12 episodes until September 18, 2021. It was animated by Shengying Animation, the same studio that produced JX3 Online donghua adaptation – The Chilvarous Hero Shen Jianxin, and the recently released BL donghua, Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire. The isekai donghua that deals with schemes and conspiracies with plenty of politics and a bit of adventure was adapted on a novel of the same title which was written by Qi Yingjun that was published in 2017 by jjwxc with 42 chapters and 9 extras.


The present imperial court seeks out foreigners, assigning them various positions according to their talents in hopes of changing the current archaic civilization into a better one. An influential dissident, Zuo Yun Qi, sneaks into the imperial court pretending to be a foreigner to save his father but is exposed by the landlord, who is an expert in distinguishing foreigners. Their meeting sparks off a series of mental and physical battles that are sometimes comedic, but they ultimately come to a consensus to cooperate. While they successfully prevent a conspiracy, they find out about another Foreigner who has secretly set up an alliance to overthrow the current power and build a new, free-for-all society. Zuo Yun Qi and his gang are forced into taking action.

Source: iQIYI, edited

Alright, so what do we need to know about You Yao Season 2? The series is still animated by Shengying Animation and produced by Energy Studio and iQIYI. While its release date hasn’t been unveiled yet, it is reassuring that iQIYI had confirmed that You Yao Season 2 is still listed this 2021 and I think we can safely assume that it’ll be released by November or December, the usual timeframe where iQIYI is releasing their donghua, just like what they did with The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife Season 2 last year.

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