Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 (Tian Guan Ci FU) Teased Fans with New Poster and PV

Xie Lian and Hua Cheng are finally coming back for Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2, one of the best Chinese boys-love anime that we had in recent years. Many fans had been anxiously waiting for this after its rather romantic and heartfelt revelation that took place during its special episode that aired on February 16 this year, several weeks after its 1st season has concluded in December of 2020.

Heaven Official's Blessing Season 2 (Tian Guan Ci Fu)

Now, we are all excited about what will happen next. I think this is a perfect opportunity for all the danmei fans out there because Mo Dao Zu Shi (Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation) anime adaptation has just concluded last October, and now, we can all give our attention to Heaven Official’s Blessing, another BL story from the same author, Mo Xiang Tong Xiu.

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 had been already announced upon the conclusion of the 1st season and once again reiterated during the special episode. However, it was only confirmed when bilibili had revealed the sneak peeks for this list of upcoming Chinese anime lineup for 2022 and Tian Guan Ci Fu (Heaven Official’s Blessing) is one of them. Taking over the project from Haoliners Animation League this time is Red Dog Culture House which is serving are the new animation studio for Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2.


Even before the annual bilibili event, Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 had been listed as one of their first batch of revealed titles along with Bai Yao Pu Season 3, Shiguang Daili Ren Season 2, No Doubt In Us Season 2, and Sunflowers.

Now, fans can only get excited and speculate about what will happen next to the story, especially those viewers who haven’t read the novel yet. Nevertheless, donghua fans who like to get ahead of the story can already read the novel by getting their copy. Nonetheless, Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 will definitely bring some more drama and heartfelt stories to our Chinese anime watchlist next year.

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